• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • In order to initiate the procedure of confirmation of Polish citizenship, the following documents should be submitted to Consular Section:


    1. An application form (can be collected in Consular Section) to be filled out and signed.
    2. A detailed autobiography in Polish, including the details of your Polish ancestry. It should explain when, in what circumstances and on the basis of what document(s) you or your ancestors left Poland. It should specify the last place of residence in Poland of either yourself or your ancestors. Please note that the autobiography must be written in the Polish language and signed by the applicant, stating the date and place of the signing.
    3. Birth certificate with "Apostille" stamp and translated into Polish.
    4. Marriage certificate (if applicable) with "Apostille" stamp and translated into Polish
    5. Current passport or another I.D.
    6. Declaration (in Polish) what citizenship(s) you hold (or held).
    7. Any documents in your possession confirming your Polish ancestry (e.g. your parent's or grandparent' s birth, baptism or marriage certificates, etc.) translated into Polish.
    8. Consular fee of 80 Euro payable by cash, or postal money order (fee is not refundable when the decision of confirming polish citizenship is negative).




    The documents Nos. 1;2;6, must be written in Polish and signed by an applicant. All the remaining documents must be accompanied by their certified translations into Polish and should be apostilled (have the "Apostille" stamp on it). In case of a State which issued a foreign documents is not a part of The Apostille Convention these documents must be certified by the Polish consul in this country. In order to initiate the procedure, the Consular Section must receive a full set of documents  (as enumerated above) from the applicant. All documents should be submitted in original.

    As the Polish citizenship confirmation procedure is carried out by respective authorities in Poland, the Consulate is unable to provide information as to the exact duration of the procedure.

    For any further information please e-mail to: 

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