• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • Political and Economic Section


    Łukasz Chimiak - I Counsellor, Head of the Political & Economic Section; political affairs & EU integration


    Joanna Cargill - I Secretary, economic affairs


    Nikola Sękowska-Moroney - culture & media affairs


    Galia Chimiak - cultural & media affairs





    Consular Section


    Grzegorz Sala - Counsellor, Head of the Consular Section


    Agnieszka Wybiral -  I Secretary -  Polish diaspora matters


    Patrycja Grochecka - I Secretary - legal matters

    Tomasz Orczyk - I Secretary - passport and citizenship matters


    Michał Wybiral - II Secretary - consular assistance and visa matters 






    Administration and Finance Section


    Magdalena Kosno-Kowalczyk– II Secretary, Head of the Administration and Finance Section





    Colonel Norbert Czerbniak - the Attaché of Defence, Military, Sea and Air, based in London 


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